Advancing Futures Vertebral Subluxation Research & Scholarship Initiative


The Task at Hand

We are at a crossroads in chiropractic… a time where we may lose our identity or forge forward with chiropractic leading the new paradigm of health and well-being. As practitioners, we see the evidence of chiropractic adjustments every day in our practices.

To us, it is undeniable. But in terms of substantiating ourselves with the value and recognition we deserve, we are in dire need of a Research Agenda to forge forward and gain our rightful position: leaders in the chiropractic vitalistic paradigm.

Advancing Futures is our best hope at accomplishing a collaborative, organized movement in this direction. We stand behind these vitalistic principles:


· The body is a self-regulating, self-maintaining organism;
· The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions of the body;
· The spine and vertebrae house and protect the nervous system;
· Vertebral subluxations can occur and interfere with the function of the nervous system;
· Reducing and/or correcting vertebral subluxations allows the nervous system to function better and allows the fullest expression of life.

This research agenda seeks to validate the profession and position chiropractic as a vitalistic, scientific, evidence-informed clinical practice. The more research, the greater the chance the profession will have of gaining a higher degree of respect, understanding and acceptance in the health care marketplace, the scientific community and among the patients it serves. It is imperative to make these new research advancements available to the public, other health professions, and to legislators in order to promote and to systematically advance the field of subluxation centered chiropractic through the initiation of favorable public health policy.


The agenda centers on five areas:


  1. Research focused on the description and identification of the various operational models of vertebral subluxation.
  1. Research focused on the validity and reliability of measures to identify and characterize vertebral subluxation.
  1. Research on the epidemiology of vertebral subluxation including its incidence, prevalence, morbidity and mortality.
  1. Research on clinical strategies for preventing, arresting, reducing and correcting vertebral subluxations.
  1. Research on health outcomes following management of vertebral subluxation.

In order to accomplish the goals and objectives of the research agenda, the following long term project is proposed:


  1. Create and support the next generation of subluxation centered scientific researchers to carry out these projects;
  1. Identify and continuously update a manifest of research projects directly relevant to the agenda;
  1. Involve a large segment of subluxation centered groups, organizations, associations, vendors, practitioners and patients;
  1. Develop, implement and exploit central data repositories;
  1. Market the project and its results to chiropractors, students, patients, legislators, policy makers and the general public through an integrated campaign.

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