The Fine Line – Guidance from ChiroFutures Malpractice Insurance Program

In the exciting world of chiropractic practice, it’s not uncommon for chiropractors to branch out and explore various educational ventures. Whether driven by personal experience or a desire to fill a community need, these initiatives are commendable. One such venture gaining traction is instructing in the perinatal space. However, stepping into this territory requires a keen understanding of where liability lines are drawn.

Recently, a chiropractor reached out with concerns about teaching prenatal and “daddy” classes. He intended to draw from his personal experiences and his professional knowledge. With the intricacies of chiropractic liability, where does one draw the line?

Know Your Scope

The chiropractor, while sharing his personal birthing experience and seeking to offer guidance to new fathers, should remember that he is viewed primarily as a doctor. Hence, any advice given, especially in a formal setting like a class held in his office, will carry weight. It is vital that he remains within his scope of practice to avoid legal pitfalls.

For prenatal classes that focus on healthy lifestyles, the chiropractor should avoid diving into specifics which could lead to liability. While discussing general advice like rest, gentle exercise, and healthy eating is within bounds, delving deeper might pose a risk. Any perceived injury stemming from such advice could bring unforeseen challenges.

Teacher Liability vs. Professional Liability

An important distinction to make here is between teacher liability and professional liability. Most chiropractors might be under the impression that their malpractice insurance will cover them in all aspects of their professional life. However, there’s a critical differentiation: most malpractice policies have a specific carve-out for chiropractors teaching Continuing Education (CE).

This means if the attendees of the “daddy” or prenatal class are not patients, there’s a chance that the chiropractor’s malpractice insurance might not come into play should there be any legal complications. It becomes essential, then, to ensure that any teaching endeavor is covered separately and explicitly, ensuring all bases are covered.

The ChiroFutures Advantage

Having a dependable malpractice insurance provider like ChiroFutures is pivotal. Not only do they provide the necessary coverage, but they are also there to guide and answer these intricate questions. Their understanding of the nuances of the chiropractic field ensures that practitioners are never left in the dark, allowing them to pursue their passion without unnecessary risks.

In conclusion, chiropractors venturing into the perinatal teaching space should tread with caution. Knowing one’s scope, understanding the distinction between different liabilities, and having a trusted malpractice provider like ChiroFutures can make the journey smoother and more fulfilling.